Twilight Princess HD Project


This fan project aims to revamp the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game for Nintendo Gamecube. Using Ishiiruka, an enhanced version of the Dolphin emulator, this project includes graphical enhancements never possible on the original Gamecube hardware. I was responsible for programming gameplay enhancements, including a brand new boss rush mode, improved controls, and custom music. The gameplay code was written in a mix of C and PowerPC assembly, while the tools were written in Python and C#.


Graphical Enhancements

- Post processing effects (SSAO, FXAA, Depth of Field, Tone Mapping, Vignette, Bloom, etc)

- High resolution textures

- Higher polygon models

- Displacement, normal, and specular maps.

Gameplay Enhancements

- New boss rush mode - Fight through each boss in the game in order, with a timer keeping track of your progress.

- Arranged soundtrack (WIP) - In-game music is replaced with arranged songs, loaded from the user's hard drive and played by the emulator.

- Improvements to gameplay mechanics - Certain gameplay features have been tweaked to improve user experience. To name a few, Link's shield can be selectively raised with the R button, you can transform to a wolf instantaneously with a button combination, and the magic armor only drains rupees when getting hit.

Tools Used

- GCC targetting PowerPC for compilation of C code

- Visual Studio for code editing

- Python 3.4 for code injection and file conversion

- Dolphin for testing and debugging