Jumpy Jelly

Jumpy Jelly is an Android game where you try to survive as long as possible while avoiding flying obstacles coming your way. I was responsible for programming this game in C# using the Unity3D engine. This title is available on the Android app store and can be found here.


Twilight Princess HD Project


This fan project aims to revamp the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game for Nintendo Gamecube. Using Ishiiruka, an enhanced version of the Dolphin emulator, this project includes graphical enhancements never possible on the original Gamecube hardware. I was responsible for programming gameplay enhancements, including a brand new boss rush mode, improved controls, and custom music. The gameplay code was written in a mix of C and PowerPC assembly, while the tools were written in Python and C#.


Graphical Enhancements

- Post processing effects (SSAO, FXAA, Depth of Field, Tone Mapping, Vignette, Bloom, etc)

- High resolution textures

- Higher polygon models

- Displacement, normal, and specular maps.

Gameplay Enhancements

- New boss rush mode - Fight through each boss in the game in order, with a timer keeping track of your progress.

- Arranged soundtrack (WIP) - In-game music is replaced with arranged songs, loaded from the user's hard drive and played by the emulator.

- Improvements to gameplay mechanics - Certain gameplay features have been tweaked to improve user experience. To name a few, Link's shield can be selectively raised with the R button, you can transform to a wolf instantaneously with a button combination, and the magic armor only drains rupees when getting hit.

Tools Used

- GCC targetting PowerPC for compilation of C code

- Visual Studio for code editing

- Python 3.4 for code injection and file conversion

- Dolphin for testing and debugging